Huma Khan From Faisalabad

Huma Khan’s passion is organic gardening and specially flowers. In her Texas house she have a huge garden basically from Faislabad. Huma got married to her doctor husband few years back & left for USA. Huma graduated from Agriculture University Faislabad.
Organic gardening is a simple way to ensure that you are growing the highest-quality produce in a sustainable way that is healthy for the plants and the planet. It is one of the oldest methods of cultivation, and the food it will produce is not only healthier for you it’s less expensive to. You may find that it might become the most rewarding hobby, or lifestyle, you have ever undertaken. Organic gardening is a simple healthful way to convert living organisms into carbon compounds in a way that considers the whole of nature and its integral place in that scheme.
Organic gardening uses natural compost and manure to fertilize and grow plants and flowers. Since you will be using natural compost no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used on your plants. Some gardeners are willing to invest in some extras required by organic gardening because it ensures that no harmful pesticides or fungicides will be used. By growing a garden without chemical fertilizers, you will naturally build the soil to support healthy plant life. Chemical fertilizers and additives will, over time, damage the soil’s ability to provide what plants need to resist disease, insect attacks, and stress.
Huma has promised us to send more of her photos but she want to read some positive comments about her. So guys if you want to see more photos of Huma Khan you must provide positive feedback.

Sophia Enjoying Basant Festival

A quite beautiful girl Sophia in a snap taken one year ago by a local Lahore based photographer. It seems that, Sophia along with her friend was sharing in the yearly Basant festival celebrations. Basant is a local West Punjabi event that celebrates the arrival of springtime by the mass flying of kites. Kite flying competitions are staged throughout the Punjab, but the activity is particularly zealous in the city of Lahore.
Kite flying fans use glass-sharpened strings to cut through the kite strings of their opponents. Unfortunately, lots of children get injured every year due to the sharp and unstable kite strings. Pakistani girls also participate in Basant, as it ends into a flurry of all night dancing and illuminated nocturnal kite flying parties

Suman Bhtool's profile

Today we are publishing the picture and profile of Suman Bhtool, which live in Lahore. Lahore is the fashion city of Pakistan, and Lahore girls are also very sexy, stylish and broadminded in any means, all the girls are not like to wear Shalwar Kameez, or jeans. But likes to be smart and beautiful so that the reason on the internet all over the world all men are in search of Pakistani girls specially Lahore girls. Suman submits this and says that she wants to make some online friends through this blog. We are also sharing her e-mail address ( with her permission.

Hanima from Pakistan

Pakistani girls are beautiful everybody knows now we are publishing Pakistani Girl’s profile. Her name is Hanima. Hanima submits this and says that she is Muslim and wants Muslim friends. She completes her bachelor Degree and now doing Job. She is single and wants to get married with Indian or Pakistani man. Here is her e-mail address

Rabia Khan from Pakistan

Rabia Khan is a beautiful girl from Pakistan. Rabia is a collage student and she is looking really pretty in college uniform. Her boyfriend sent her photo; I don’t know why he has not given enough data about her.

Hina Tayyaiba studing inMalaysia

Hina Tayyaiba a young indian muslim girl now living in Malaysia for the study. Hina Tayyaiba feel alone in Malaysia and wants to make friends online. Hina Tayyaiba says, “I wish to talk about everything, because everything ends but friendship does not end and the best treasure in life is to know the people. So I like to share some words about things to do in Malaysia; Malaysia has numerous things you can do. The fascinating country has the blend of majestic buildings, stunning structures, mesmerizing natural vistas, thrilling adventure options, exotic wildlife and much more. With attractions in abundance, any visit to Malaysia is always appealing.
Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers, one of the tallest buildings in the world, is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. The Sky Bridge, connecting the two towers, enables one to have a sweeping view of the city. Reach in time for there is always a queue of the tourists there, aspiring to get to the Bridge.
Islands & Beaches
Hina Tayyaiba writes any Malaysian tour is incomplete without including its beaches. Fine milky sands cajoled by sea waves are wonderful spots to visit. You would have a gala time here, relaxing on the invigorating sand or enjoying thrilling water sports. When you have ‘beached’ enough, you can have delicious food in the seaside restaurants.

Cute Abeera from California

An increasing number of Indian & Pakistani Girls are choosing to use the Internet as a means to find potential romantic and marriage partners. Especially Pakistan, being a conservative Muslim country, did not until recently look positively upon dating as a means to find partners. The Internet is therefore proving to be a boon in such a traditional civilization.
Abeera sends these lines with her photo from California (USA). Abeera is a student of computer sciences their. She share words that dating is becoming more and more common in India & Pakistan, and dating websites are serving a much-needed requirement. Girls are now considerably empowered by means of the latest information technology. As of latest estimates, almost 60 million Indian & Pakistanis now use the Internet. This increased use of cyberspace is having a due impact on society itself, as it becomes more open and used to diverse viewpoints and opinions.

School teacher Zainab from Islamabad

Now see another Pakistani school teacher Zainab’s photo. She sends us her beautiful picture and says that she lives in Islamabad and working in Fazaia School as a teacher. In background some children are playing. Zainab is looking great and her smiles make a splendid feeling.
Pakistani girls sure know how to dress and look good, and this lady is no exception. Islamabad girls in particular have endearing personalities to match their stunning good looks.

Payal the beautiful girl of Pakistan

Payal the beautiful girl of Pakistan sleeping in her new bed which her father Mr. Afsar send from Faisalabad. If you are looking also for a wooden bed why not choose like this from extensive collection, which features timeless typical designs to the latest in modern design. In Faisalabad there are many shops where pine beds and other woods in single, double, king or super king size available.
Most of desi girls from Pakistan and India love these pine beds. Upper class girls likes wide range of styles, including classical sleigh beds, modern platform beds, high foot end beds, low foot end beds and guest beds.
Most of beds in solid wood and veneer finish at prices to suit every pocket. The type of woods used include oak, pine, walnut, ash, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, teak, rosewood, mahogany, pine, cedar and redwood. From classic romantic French beds to modern oak bed frames and rustic pine beds are sure to have something to make your dream bedroom.

Noreen Enjoying at her Bothers Weeding Party

Mehndi party is a social gathering that is held before an Indian / Pakistani marriage ceremony. Mehndi gathering are typically held at the family residence of the bride in the week leading up to the actual wedding ceremony and are attended by friends and relatives who apply Mehndi which is known by Henna also to the bride’s hands, feet and body. It is considered highly favorable to decorate the hands and feet of a bride with Henna / Mehndi and usually the grooms name is written on the palm of the bride’s hand.
Party of Mehndi ceremony is a enjoyable and lively party and there is usually a special banquet prepared specially for the event. Mehndi parties are thrown across all regions of India and Pakistan the style and mode of the celebration often varies across different regions according to their own customs and traditions.
In the past, women only attended Mehndi parties and female relatives and friends of the bride will dance to music and play the dholak. In this day and age, Mehndi parties are no longer considered a private affair and have become plentiful and complicated celebrations that are attended by both men and women.
Noreen is one of us who is enjoying her brother wedding party. She is cute and charming girl, which like music, fun and mazza. Irrespective of age or gender, a party is a enormously popular event and is usually a large celebration which has led to modern parties being held in banquet halls rather than the bride’s family home.

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